Magic Cabin Website Review & Ratings + Magic Cabin Coupons
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Magic Cabin Website Review & Ratings + Magic Cabin Coupons

Magic Cabin: Products & Services

Magic Cabin is a brand known for its beautiful and charming products. Children are enchanted by the products sold and more than that, they have fun suing the products from Magic Cabin. Primary among these are games and toys. These consist of board games, indoor games, puzzles, etc. in addition to that, children can dress up in fanciful wings and they can also play adventurous games. Toys can also be used as children play around. Those who like can play musical instruments and others can avail themselves of art equipment.

Magic Cabin: Company Background

Magic Cabin started out in 1989. It started out as a company devoted to enrich the lives of young children. Basically, the brand is well known for natural toys and crafts. It was not the colorful and interesting company that you know today. The brand has gradually evolved over the years. Looking at the company’s website, you would see how really inviting it is; especially to children.

Magic Cabin: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer reviews

The company has garnered a few reviews on the internet. Many of them good and a few are not encouraging. Every business has its share of disgruntled customers. This favorable review from Seektoy says that the company offers quality children toys, games and crafts. The review says that they have ‘a huge selection’ of toys. A negative review from Resellerratings claimed that Magic Cabin sends out misleading e-mails about lower prices while they do not honor those promises they made. He also claimed that some items listed on Magic Cabin are cheaper on Amazon.

Magic Cabin: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

One major business credibility ratings is that of Stella Service Ratings, which referred to the beginnings of Magic Cabin in 1989 and how they have helped upgrade children’s lifestyles for open-ended, creative, imaginative play. The Stella Service Ratings scored Magic Cabin excellent. There is no Better Business Bureau (BBB) online rating available for Magic Cabin.

Magic Cabin: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Magic Cabin is fairly popular on the internet. For the statistics, the company has 106,770 worldwide Alexa ranking and the traffic rank in United States for Magic Cabin is 38,550 at the time of this writing. The websites that are pointing links at the company’s websites are up to 621. Accordingly, the site’s pagerank is 4.

Magic Cabin: Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media presence, Magic cabin is doing good as well. With 430 tweets, the company has a followership of 2,231, while it follows just 8. The management makes regular posts on their Twitter page. For Facebook, it has 6,378 likes and 87 people talk about the company on that social media page. Pinterest has 17 boards for Magic Cabin, 813 pins, 25 likes, 1,236 following Magic Cabin’s account and the company follows 17 Pinterest users back.

Magic Cabin: Website Security & Safety

Magic Cabin is currently not listed by Google as a suspicious site. As at the time this article is being compiled, Magic Cabin from any harmful activities on the internet. The site does not in any way act as intemediary between any malicious sites. For the past 90 days, no malicious files have been downloaded from the site.

Magic Cabin: Pricing & Packages

Pricing on Magic cabin is interesting since the company has new deals every week. It is called ‘deal of the week’. They pick a product and slash the price. If you order in time, you get it. If not, you get to pay the normal price. This deal cuts can get you up to 50 percent cut in price slash. There are also special price cuts for periods of festivities as in the case of Easter period. And there are many gift items that you could purchase under 25 dollars. One of such is the Golden Chocolate Surprise Egg, which goes for anything from $4.98 - $16.98.

Magic Cabin: Shipping Rates & Policies

You have the opportunity to track your order right there on the company’s website. This is fantastic since not many merchants have such provisions for their customers. There is a standard and express shipping method. The express shipping method costs $8.99 more than the standard shipping process. Heavier products will cost more to ship. Your purchase will determine how much you be charged. Ordinarily, goods costing about $15 and under will attract $5.99 for standard, while express will be $14.98. Standard shipping may take up to 10 days to arrive, will express will only take 2 business days.

Magic Cabin: Payment Methods Accepted

Just like many other online merchants, Magic Cabin has made provisions for multiple means of payment. Users can now make use of the ‘Bill Me Later’ method of purchasing products online. This service is provided by Paypal. The company also accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and other debit cards.

Magic Cabin: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Magic Cabin wants to make shopping an interesting experience for their customers. Wheteher they are purchasing or returning goods, the company has simplified matters. Breaking the record, the company allows for a 90-days return policy. You can use the fast exchange, return or exchange by mail. For more details, check here.

Magic Cabin: Product images & screenshots
Magic Cabin Coupons
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